Join-In Version 2.0 is Available

Version 2.0 highlights include:
  • Touch optimization – version 2.0 includes the Virtual Keyguard, which protects touch users from accidentally activating functions on the browser area. Users can select between completely blocking the browser area for touch, to allowing touch interactions with specific areas on the browser.
  • Full-Screen video player, across all Join-In apps – starting in version 2.0, all Join-In apps that include the option to play a video, use the same Full-Screen player. This player allows the user to watch the video in full-screen mode, with one floating AAC button (Grid 3 or Communicator 5), that is used to exit the player. The player also allows the user to jump backward and forward in the video, or to jump to pre-defined bookmarks. The Full-Screen player works with Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitch, and other apps that can play videos.
  • Two new apps – TikTok and Twitch. After adding these two very popular apps, Join-In supports sixteen apps!
  • Intuitive flows across all apps – in this version we’ve eliminated all redundant steps, and added clues to users where needed.  
  • Enhanced Accessible WhatsApp – one of the most popular Join-In apps has been re-written to enable all the functionality added to the web client of the app. 
Join-In Version 2.0 is Available
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