Digital life made easy

Everyone should be able to participate in the Digital Life.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case for AAC users. Join-In is a new software solution by d-bur designed to overcome this challenge and allow AAC users to engage, experience and enjoy the Digital Life like the rest of us.

With Join-In you can

Fully participate in social networks

Enjoy all the capabilities of streaming apps

Communicate via messaging apps

And much more...

The suite includes Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp, Android Messages, MSN, Google Calendar, Zoom, Audible, Kindle, Google Translate, Twitch and TikTok. More apps are coming…

How it works

Join-In creates an “AAC Optimized” flow that links your AAC solution to the app you are using. This flow enables you to perform both simple and complex actions by selecting a button on your AAC app using your preferred access method. By selecting AAC buttons you can 

  • Create a post on Facebook
  • Respond to a message in WhatsApp 
  • Read aloud a paragraph in a news article on MSN
  • Create a new playlist in Spotify
  • Choose a subtitle language in Netflix

Moreover, the AAC Optimized flow reduces the number of selections required for each action, and exposes features that are not supported by the regular use of Apps like

  • Increasing the font size of messages in WhatsApp
  • Automatically reading movie descriptions in Netflix
  • Controlling the size of search results in YouTube
  • Smart-scrolling through content

the technology

Join-In is designed for applications that are dynamic in nature and that undergo occasional changes and updates. Join-In uses innovative technology to ensure that the user experience is not negatively impacted by these changes by

  • Maintaining a consistent user-experience even if the application is updated or altered
  • Enabling quick recovery in instances where changes in an application affect the AAC flow. As some important components of Join-In are cloud-based, the recovery process is usually transparent to the user. From the users’ perspective, everything happens in the background, without requiring their involvement

who can benefit from join-iN?

Join-In caters to Windows-based AAC users who want to join the digital life

Regardless of their access method…

Eye tracking users

Enjoy a highly efficient solution combining selecting AAC buttons with direct selection of objects from the browser area

Switch users

 Perform all the desired activities using a standard  AAC button-based solution

Touch communication users

 Benefit from a protected environment, combining large AAC buttons with a dynamic virtual keyguard 

And regardless of their age and literacy level.

Text communication users

Enjoy full application capabilities, including most advanced functions, while working in a friendly AAC environment

Symbol communication users

Can use their communication app to write texts, search, and comment, and have text read aloud for them in all apps

For many of the supported applications, Join-In users can select between Full and Lite versions

Full version

Designed for literate users who want to enjoy the full functionality of each app

Lite version

For users who require larger buttons and a simplified environment


There are three options for purchasing Join-In after the 30 days free trial:

  • Monthly subscription for $10 a month.
  • Annual subscription for $100 a year.
  • Lifetime subscription for $350.
Join-In subscriptions include all Join-In apps. 

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Communicator 5 users – for installation instructions and training cards, click here

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