Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro, the newcomer to the Join-In family of products, provides an inclusive digital environment for interacting with a variety of popular apps and websites. It is optimized for people with complex disabilities and caters to anyone who may benefit from enhanced accessibility, AAC and non-AAC users alike.
It is a complete solution and does not require an AAC package or any other software package.

Note: The Join-In Pro license enables the use of Join-In for Grid 3 and Join-In for Communicator 5 in addition to the new Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro

Why Join-In Pro?

Join-In Pro serves both AAC and Non-AAC users.  Users can select between composing messages and conducting searches using their Join-In Pro keyboard, to doing it using their communication displays, whether they type or are symbol communicators. Here is why you should consider moving to Join-In Pro:


New Audience

Join-In Pro caters to anyone who may benefit from enhanced accessibility – AAC and non-AAC users alike. It is a complete solution and does not require an AAC package or any other software package.


Increased real-time synchronization between the toolbars and the underlying apps – when using the app, the toolbar adjusts itself to make it easier for the user to understand which options are available at any given moment.


Automatic and transparent processes for updating the toolbars,  in response to changes in the underlying apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.) and for adding new apps. No need for the user to install or update anything.

Join-In Pro
Join-In Facebook - Post with Video
Join-In Pro
Join-In Pro YouTube - Search Results
Join-In Pro
Join-In Facebook - Playing a Video


Customizable keyboards – users can easily customize their keyboards according to their preferred layout, color scheme, and supported languages. All keyboards Include emojis and custom pre-stored phrases by category.

Toolbars customization – users select their preferred toolbar style – full or simplified, and the toolbar color scheme, size, location and font size.

New Features

All new accessible and customizable file Explorer – enables convenient selection of pictures and other files for sharing. 

A scannable browser window – allows for more efficient use of the apps by switch scanners.

New Content

New Apps – 

  • Gmail – full control over Gmail
  • HTML Games – games for kids and adults
  • Memozor – various memory games with different difficulty levels and topics.

New, streamlined and simplified flows based on analysis of use patterns and user feedback.

Join-In Pro
Emoji Keyboard
Join-In Pro
Accessible File Explorer
Join-In Pro
Games for Kids and Adults

Currently, Join-In-Pro supports the apps below. Support for new apps is added on a regular basis:

Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Gmail

  • Browse and read your emails
  • Browse and save your attachments
  • Send emails with and without attachments
  • Manage your favorite contacts
  • Control all Gmail settings
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Spotify

  • Browse your Spotify content – artists, albums, playlists, songs, podcasts …
  • Manage your library
  • Create and save your playlists
  • Play in the background
  • select the device you want to play from
Join-In Pro

Join-In Google Meet

  • Start or join video calls
  • Send invitations using Gmail or your any of your messengers
  • Control the meeting parameters – background, effects etc..
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro YouTube Kids

  • Browse your YouTube Kids Home Page, Music, Learning and Explore sections
  • Search for videos
  • Manage your favorite searches
  • Control YouTube Kids settings
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Instagram

  • View and open posts and stories
  • View, browse and select your notifications
  • Comments, like, and save posts
  • Follow and unfollow people
  • Share posts with your friends
  • Post pictures and videos
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Kindle

  • Browse your Kindle library
  • Sort by author, title or dats
  • Read and navigate through your books
  • Control settings – font size, color., page margins ….
  • Navigate
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro TikTok

  • Watch TikTok Videos
  • Post your own videos
  • Select people to follow
  • Browse video by creator, hashtags, music..
  • Search creators and topics
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Facebook

  • Publish posts
  • Read posts, have Join-In Pro read posts for you
  • Find friends, pages, groups, …
  • Watch video clips
  • And more
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Facebook Messenger

  • Connect with friends and family
  • Initiate video calls
    + Chat and type messages while participating in video calls
  • Attach media items to your messages
  • And more
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro WhatsApp

  • Connect with friends and family
  • Read messages, have Join-In Pro read for you
  • View media items included in messages
  • Attach media items to your message
  • And more
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro YouTube

  • Watch videos in full screen
  • Search for videos, create and save your favorite search phrases
  • Subscribe to channels, manage your liked videos, your “watch later” list
  • And more
Android SMS

Join-In Pro Android SMS

  • Send and receive text and emojis
  • Attach GIFs, stickers and files
  • Start a Group Chat and send messages to the group
  • Send your messages in any language, and translate incoming messages from any language using Google Translate
  • Open and download attached items
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Pro Netflix

  • Watch your favorite movies and TV shows
  • Search for movies and TV shows
  • Browse movies, movies by genre,  TV shows, TV shows by genre…
  • Browse kids movies and TV shows by character…
  • Browse seasons and episodes
  • Manage your list (“My List”), your language preferences…
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Memozor Games

  • Play one of many Matching Games
  • Select and play “Simon Games”
  • Practice your multiplication skills
  • Control the game settings – number of cards, speed etc.
  • Select the mode – one player, play agains computer, play with a friend

Join-In Pro HTML Games

  • Play challenging mind games – with cards, numbers, balls and more
  • Adjust the difficulty level
  • Fully control the games and the games’ parameters with your access method
Join-In Pro

Join-In Pro Google Translate

  • Translate to any language – directly from the Join-In Pro keyboard
  • Use Google Trandslate to send and receive messages in any laguage, using the Join-In Pro messengers
  • Listen to any message in any language, using Translate text to speech


limited time offer - join-in pro for the price of Join-In

30 days Free trial

$ 0 FREE
  • 30 days trial
  • All Join-In Pro apps
  • All Join-In apps
  • Free support services

Monthly subscription

$ 14 Per month
  • Monthly renewal
  • All Join-In Pro apps
  • All Join-In apps
  • Free support services

Annual Subscription

$ 140 Per year
  • Annual renewal
  • All Join-In Pro apps
  • All Join-In apps
  • Free support services

Lifetime subscription

$ 450 One time Payment
  • Lifetime subscription
  • All Join-In Pro apps
  • All Join-In apps
  • Free support services
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