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Join-In Version 2.0 Is Here

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Join-In for Grid 3 Users

Join-In Facebook
Join-In Facebook Messenger
Join-In Instagram
Join-In Spotify
Join-In Netflix
Join-In YouTube
Join-In WhatsApp
Join-In SMS
Join-In Google Calendar
Join-In MSN (Microsoft News)
Join-In TikTok
Join-In TikTok
Join-In Kindle
Join-In Audible
Join-In Google Translate
Join-In Zoom
  • To install or to upgrade Join-In for Grid 3, click Install Join-In for Grid 3″, below. This will install the Join-In software and the grid sets.
  • To install Join-In grid sets only, click “Install Join-In grid sets only” below. Click this button only if you’ve already installed Join-In 2.0.

In both cases existing Join-In grid sets with identical names, will be saved by the installer.  More detailed instructions are provided below.

Before installing the software, please close Grid 3 and all Join-In windows. Install the grid sets only, only if you have the latest Join-In version (2.0.31)

Training Cards

Installation Instructions

  • Close all open Join-In windows, and close Grid 3.
  • Click “Install Join-In for Grid 3”. This will install both the Join-In software, and the Join-In grid sets.
  • During the installation you will need to select your language, access method (Eye-Gaze, Switches, Mouse-Dwell or Touch) and the preferred cell size option. You can always go back, and  check other options. To do this click the “Install Join-In Grid-Sets only” button.
  • Note – if you already have grid sets with identical names, these grid sets will not be deleted. The installer will save them, and will add the word “backup” and the date to their names.
  • Activating your license, subscription or trial period:
    • If you have license code – search for and open the Join-In license manager on your device, enter the license code and activate it.
    • If you have subscribed for a free trial or have a paid subscription, use the grid-set Join-In Login and enter the email you’ve subscribed with, and the password you’ve received. After doing that you can exit the login grid-set and start using Join-In.


There are three options for purchasing Join-In after the 30 days free trial:

  • Monthly subscription for $10 a month.
  • Annual subscription for $100 a year.
  • Lifetime subscription for $350.
Join-In subscriptions include all Join-In apps. 
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