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Join-In for Communicator 5 Users - Training Cards

Installation Instructions

  • Install the Join-In software and page-sets, using the two links above.
  • Open Communicator 5 and go to Edit home page, Add page sets, Text communication, Add-on products and add the page-sets you would like to use. Note – for many of the apps you will find a regular version (e.g. “Accessible Facebook”) and a “Lite” version with similar functionality and larger buttons (e.g. – “Accessible Facebook Lite”).
  • Activating your license, subscription or trial period:
    • If you have an I13 or I16, your license will be activated automatically.
    • If you have another device, and you have license code – search for and open the Join-In license manager on your device, enter the license code and activate it.
    • If you have subscribed for a free trial or have a paid subscription, use the page-set Join-In Login and enter the email you’ve subscribed with, and the password you’ve received. After doing that you can exit the login page set and start using Join-In.


I13 and I16 users – Join-In license in included with your product. 

Users who purchased the new Tobii PCEye with Communicator 5 – Join-In license is included with your purchase.

Other Communicator 5 users – you can purchase Join-In directly from your Tobii Dynavox dealer.

For users who prefer a subscription model, there are three purchasing options, after the 30 days free trial:

  • Monthly subscription for $10 a month.
  • Annual subscription for $100 a year.
  • Lifetime subscription for $350.
Join-In license and subscriptions include all Join-In apps. Prices are in US dollars.
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