Accessible WhatsApp for Grid 3

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible WhatsApp you need to install WhatsApp on your smartphone, or tablet with a cellular connectivity.
  • Using Accessible Whatsapp for the first time  – After selecting  Accessible WhatsApp from your Grid Explorer, you will see the “scan QR code” screen. On your smartphone or tablet go to WhatsApp and follow the instructions in the WhatsApp web menu for adding a device (normally the “+” icon) by scanning QR code.
  • You are now ready to use Accessible WhatsApp.
  • Note – Accessible WhatsApp uses WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp web  requires your phone to be connected to the internet.
Accessible WhatsApp - Scan QR code
Accessible WhatsApp - Home

Home Page

  • Search – search a contact.
  • Menu – go to WhatsApp menu.
  • Chat Options – go to the Chat Options page
  • Send Message – send a message (text, emoji, picture…) to the selected contact.
  • Previous Contact and Next Contact – select the contact above or below the highlighted contact. If no contact is highlighted – select the first contact.
  • Browse Contacts – open a table with your contacts, to review and select a contact.
  • Messages Up and Messages Down – scroll up or down several messages in the chat with the currently selected contact.
  • Read Contact – read the name of the highlighted contact aloud.

Send Message Page

Audio Message– send a recorded message (voice recorded).

  • Emoji – send an emoji.
  • Quick Messages – go to your quick messages repository.
  • Type – use your keyboard to type a message and send it.
  • Send Picture – upload a picture from your device and send
  • Camera – take a picture using your device camera and send.
  • Cancel Sending clear the item waiting to be sent.
  • Send File – upload a file from your device and send.
  • Send – send the item waiting to be sent.

Note – after typing a message, or selecting one from your quick messages, you will be able to decide whether you send it as a text message, or record it in your Communicator 5 voice.

Accessible WhatsApp - Send Message
Accessible WhatsApp - Menu

WhatsApp Menu

  • Top Contact – go to the first contact in your chats.
  • Enlarge Contact Picture – view a larger picture of the selected contact.
  • New Group – create a WhatsApp group.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen WhatsApp, close windows you don’t need, close pop-up messages…
  • Options – change the computer volume, toggle text enlargement, turn auto-read contacts and messages – on or off, additional WhatsApp options.
  • Grid Explorer – exit Accessible WhatsApp to Grid Explorer.
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