Accessible Spotify for Grid 3

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Spotify you need a Spotify account. Make sure to have your login and password available.
  • Login – After selecting  Accessible Spotify from your Grid Explorer, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Log In => Username => enter your Spotify account email  => Password => enter your Spotify account password => Log In.
  • You are now logged into Spotify. Select Continue to Spotify to start using the app.
Accessible Spotify - Login
Accessible Spotify - Home
Accessible Spotify - Specifying the selected item type

Home Page

  • Spotify Menu – go to Spotify menu.
  • Select – Open the selected item. You will be transferred to a grid where you will need to specify the type of item you’ve selected –
    •  Playlist,
    • Album,
    • Podcast,
    • Artist,

 After specifying, a grid that can control the item will open. 

  • Up, Down, Left, Right – navigate in the current screen. The selected item will be highlighted.
  • See All – open additional items in the current category you are in, when available.
  • Return to Spotify Home Page from another page, by selecting Home

Spotify Menu

  • Home – go to Spotify Home.
  • Search – search for songs / albums / artists Etc.
  • Your library – navigate to your Spotify library – your saved playlists, albums, artists and podcasts. 
  • Create Playlist – Create a new playlist
  • Player Volume – mute, volume up and volume down.
  • Player Controls – play/pause, jump to the beginning or end of the song that is currently played, jump 15 seconds forward or backward, toggle shuffle play, toggle repeat, connect to an external device.
  • Play/Pause – play or pause the current song.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Spotify, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages…
  • Options – change the computer volume, turn auto read on and off, toggle full and partial reading, show / hide side menu, toggle text enlargement, log out, log in.
  • Exit – exit Accessible Spotify and go to Grid Explorer. You can exit the app without closing it, so your music will continue to play in the background. 
Accessible Spotify - Menu
Accessible Spotify - Playlist Control Grid
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