Accessible Kindle for Grid 3

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Kindle you need to have a Kindle (Amazon) account. Make sure to have your login and password available.
  • Login – After selecting  Accessible Kindle from your Grid Explorer, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Sign In => Email or Phone => enter your Kindle (Amazon) account email or phone number =>  Password => enter your Kindle (Amazon) account password => if the “Keep me signed in” box is not checked, click Keep Me Signed In =>  Sign In.
  • You are now logged in to your Kindle account. Select Continue to Kindle to start using the app.
Accessible Kindle - Login
Accessible Kindle - Library

Library Page

  • Search – search for a book in your library.
  • Main Menu – go to the Accessible Kindle Menu.
  • Up, Down, Left and Right arrows – go one item up, down, left or right in your library. The selected item will be highlighted.
  • Read – open the selected book, and start reading it.
  • Page Up and Page Down – go one page up or down in your library.
  • Stop Reading – stop reading aloud.
  • Read Title – Read aloud the title of the selected book

Reader Grid

  • Library – exit the reader and go to your library. 
  • Sync  – synchronize your reading progress with other devices.
  • Go to – open a grid that lets you go to a certain location number, bookmark, page number (if the pages of the current book are marked)…
  • Previous Page and Next Page – go to the previous or next page. 
  • Toggle Bookmark – add or remove a bookmark to or from the current page.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Kindle, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages, zoom in or zoom out,…
  • Reader Options – open the reader options and set the font size, margins, color mode and more. Note – on some devices you will need to zoom out to allow Kindle to show two columns on the screen.
  • Grid Explorer – Exit Accessible Kindle and go to your Grid Explorer. If you use this button, Accessible Kindle will open the Reader, next time you open the app.
Accessible Kindle - Reader
Accessible Kindle - Menu

Menu Page

  • Sort by Author – sort your books by author name. 
  • Sort by Recent – sort your books by the time you recently opened them. 
  • Sort by Title – sort your books title.
  • Sync Library  – synchronize your Library with other devices (newly purchased books).
  • Grid View – view your library books as a grid.
  • List View – view your library books as a list.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Kindle, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages, zoom in or zoom out,…
  • Options – change the computer volume level, toggle text enlargement on or off, toggle auto-read of titles on or off, Sign Out or Sign In to your Kindle account, go to additional options (text enlargement factor).
  • Grid Explorer – Exit Accessible Kindle and go to your Grid Explorer
Accessible Kindle - Select Grid - Library
Accessible Kindle - Select Grid - Reader
The Select Grid allows you to select the right page. If Accessible Kindle opened the Library page, select Library, if it opened the Reader page, select Continue to Reader

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible Kindle requires you to be logged in to your Kindle account, as Kindle requires that. You can log in by clicking Login and Info on the first page (below the Kindle button).

You can go to the Utilities page and select Zoom In or Zoom Out to control the size of the pictures, and the number of pictures that will be shown in each page.

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