Accessible Facebook Messenger for Grid 3

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Facebook Messenger you need a Facebook account. If you haven’t logged in already with Accessible Facebook, make sure you have your Facebook login and password available.
  • Login – after selecting  Accessible Facebook Messenger from your Grid Explorer, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Log In => Email or Phone => enter your Facebook account email or phone number => Password => enter your Facebook account password => Log In.
  • You are now logged in to your Facebook account. Select Continue to Messenger to start using the app.
Accessible Facebook - Login grid
Accessible Facebook Messenger - Home

Home Page

  • Search – search for new contacts to start a chat.
  • Menu – go to Accessible Facebook Messenger menu.
  • Chat View – go to the selected chat.
  • Send Message – send a message / emoji / picture … to the selected contact.
  • Previous Contact and Next Contact – select one contact above or below the selected one. If no contact is selected, select the first contact. The selected contact will be highlighted.
  • Browse Contacts – open a table, which allows you to browse and select contacts.
  • Messages up and down – scroll several messages up or down, in the selected chat.
  • Read Contact – read the name of the selected contact aloud.
  • Call – initiate an audio or a video call with the selected contact.


  • Computer Volume – mute the computer volume, or change the volume level
  • Toggle Enlarge Text – toggle between enlarged and regular text size. You can control the percentage of change in text size in the Additional Options
  • Toggle Auto Read– toggle auto-read on or off. 
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Facebook Messenger, close windows you don’t need, close pop-up messages…
  • Additional Options – define the factor of change in the text size.
  • Exit – exit Accessible Facebook Messenger and go to Grid Explorer
Accessible Facebook Messenger - Menu
Accessible Facebook Messenger - Chat View

Chat View

  • Last Message – go to the last message in the selected chat.
  • Click Message – open  media in the current message. A new grid will open, allowing you to select the type of media you see – video, YouTube video, picture gallery or a regular web link. After selecting, a grid with the correct control cells will allow you to browse the post content.
  • Previous Message and Next Message – select the message below or above the currently selected one.
  • Messages up and down – scroll several messages up or down.
  • Emotion – send an emotion as a reply to the selected message.
  • Reply – reply to the selected message.
  • Read Message – read the selected message aloud.
  • Delete Message  – delete the selected message (only if Messenger allows deleting it).
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