Accessible Zoom for Communicator 5

Before You Start

Accessible Zoom supports the following main flows:

  • Creating a Zoom meeting, and inviting others to participate in the meeting. The invitation link can be sent by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS.
  • Join a meeting that you have been invited to. Joining can be done by clicking a meeting link sent to you by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS (Android Messages). You can also join by manually enter the meeting number and password.
  • While in a meeting, you can talk (using your Communicator 5 voice), participate in the chat, share your screen, etc.

For security reasons, Zoom does not keep you logged in all the time. Because you will need to log in manually many times, we recommend that you do it, using your Facebook or Google accounts. This makes the login process very simple.

From time to time Zoom may ask you to confirm that you are not a robot, and to solve a Captcha. Accessible Zoom provides an “I’m not a robot”  button. To solve the Captcha (if required) you can either open Computer Control, or click the Solve Captcha button. To minimize the number of times the Captcha appears, we recommend that you always make sure that you are logged in, before trying to join a meeting.

Getting Started

  • Requirements – there are no requirements for using Zoom. 
  • Logging into Zoom is recommended, since users who are logged in will face fewer security challenges from Zoom.
  • Unlike most other apps, Zoom will log you out from time to time. To avoid having to key in your username and password every time Zoom logs you out, we recommend logging in using your Google or you Facebook accounts – a process that involves only a single click.
Accessible Zoom - Login
Accessible Zoom - Meeting Controls

Meeting Controls

  • Menu – go to Accessible Zoom menu.
  • Raise Hand – raise you hand, to get the attention of the moderator. This will be visible in the Chat window.
  • Chat View – open the chat window. In the chat window you will be able to read the messages that other participants wrote, and write your own messages to the participants.
  • Speak – Open your Communicator keyboard, to type a message and have Communicator read it aloud so the other participants will be able to hear it.
  • Stop Sharing – stop sharing your screen.
  • Share Screen – share your screen with the meeting participants.
  • Mute/Unmute – mute or unmute yourself. After entering a meeting, you will need to click this button to join with audio.
  • Toggle Video – start or stop sending video from your camera.


  • Switch Mic/Speaker – select the microphone and speaker to be used by Zoom 
  • Switch Camera – Select the camera to be used by Zoom. 
  • Show Participants – show the meeting participants, admit participants (if you are the meeting owner), share the meeting invitation link via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS.
  • Show/Hide Chat – show or hide the chat window.
  • Leave Meeting – leave the current meeting.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Zoom, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages, zoom in or zoom out,…
  • Options – change the computer volume, turn auto-read of messages in the chat on or off, turn the enlargement of text in the chat on or off, go to additional options.
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page) – exit Accessible Zoom.
Accessible Zoom - Menu
Accessible Zoom - Join a Meeting

Join a Meeting

  • Start New Meeting – click this button if you want to create a new meeting.
  • Sign with Meeting ID – click this button if you were invited to a meeting, and you have the meeting number and password (if required).
  • I’m Already in a Meeting – click this button if you exited Accessible Zoom without closing the browser, and you are already in a meeting (usually you will be able to skip this phase, as Accessible Zoom will take you to the meeting automatically).
  • Recover – click in case you closed Accessible Zoom by mistake, or something in the application got stuck.
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page) – exit Accessible Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a known  problem, that has to do with the management of the sound resources. For now, there is no solution for this problem.

This button will take you to the Speak keyboard and will allow you to type a message, that will be heard by the other participants.

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