Accessible Netflix for Communicator 5

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Netflix you need a Netflix account. Make sure you have your Netflix login and password available.
  • Login – After selecting  Accessible Netflix from your Home Page, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Sign In => Username => enter your Netflix account email or phone number => Password => enter your Netflix account password => Sign In.
  • It is now advisable to select a default profile. Go to Manage Profiles, and click Previous Profile or Next Profile to switch between profiles and set a default one. You can also set a default kids profile (note – for the kids profile to work, it has to be defined in that way in your Netflix account as well). Hereafter, Netflix will enter the default profile whenever the app is launched.
  • You are now ready to use Accessible Netflix. Click Continue to Netflix to start using the app.
Accessible Netflix - Login
Accessible Netflix - Home

Home Page

  • Search – search for a movie or a TV show.
  • Menu – go to Netflix menu.
  • Up, Down, Left and Right arrowsNavigate the table of movies and TV shows.
  • Play – play the selected item and go to the play page. In this page you will be able to control the volume, switch between seasons and episodes, change the audio and subtitles language, etc.
  • Explore All – view more items from to the section you are in (“Trending on Netflix”, “Continue Watching”, …).
  • Episodes and More – open more information on the selected item. If it is a TV show, it will allow you to browse between episodes and seasons. 
  • Line left arrow and Line right arrow – advance selection in the current line several items to the left or right.

Netflix Menu

  • Kids – switch to your selected kids profile (if a kids profile is already set up).
  • Netflix Home – go to Netflix Home Page.
  • TV Shows – browse Netflix TV shows.
  • Movies – present Movies only. Clicking, select Back to start browsing the movies.
  • Latest – present Netflix recently added items. Clicking Back to start browsing the latest additions.
  • My List – present your list. Click Back to start browsing the items you’ve added to your list.
  • Genres – select a genre, to display that belonging to this genre. Netflix allows browsing by genre in movies and TV shows only.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Netflix, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages, zoom in or zoom out…
  • Options – change computer volume, turn auto-read on or off, mute preview, switch profile, sign-out or sign-in, switch profiles and change default profiles.
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page) – exit Accessible Netflix.
Accessible Netflix - Menu
Accessible Netflix - Select Genre

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Menu, then Options, and then Switch Profile. Use the Previous Profile and Next Profile buttons to go to the profile you want to select. Once there, click Select Profile.

You can set up a default profile. If you have one, the app will take you directly to that profile, skipping the selection phase. Click Menu, then Options, and then Switch Profile. Use the Previous Profile and Next Profile buttons to go to the profile you want to set as your default. Once there, click Set as Default. Click Select Profile to enter this profile.

The only button that will work on Netflix Home, before any item is selected, is the Play button, which allows you to play the movie / series that is running at the top of the page. Use the arrows to select the first item, and then all buttons will work.

The Kids button on the Netflix Menu works well only if there is a Kid’s profile in the account. A kid’s profile is defined in your Netflix account, outside of Accessible Netflix. Once such profile is defined, the Kids button will take you to that profile, and will provide kids navigation capabilities. It is recommended to define a default kids’ profile.

If you clicked Kids and there is no Kids’ profile in the account, you need to click the Kids Menu and select Exit Kids.

The Genres button works only if you are in TV Shows or in Movies since Netflix supports browsing by genre only in these categories.

  1. If you are in in one of these two categories and you click Genres, the genres window will open on the browser side, and using the buttons on the left side will allow you to navigate to a specific genre and then select it.
  2. If you are in another category (Latest, My List…) and you clicked Genres by mistake, simply hit Close to go back to the Netflix Menu.

Season and Episodes works only on TV Shows, where there are seasons and episodes.

Opens all the items that belong to the line that you are on (My List, Recommended, etc.).

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