Accessible Instagram for Communicator 5

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Instagram you need an Instagram or a Facebook account. If you use Instagram with your Facebook account, make sure you log-in to Facebook, using Accessible Facebook. Otherwise make sure you have your login and password available.
  • Login – After selecting  Accessible Instagram from your Home Page, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Log In => Username => enter your Instagram account username  => Password => enter your Instagram account password => Log In.
  • You are now logged in to Instagram. Select Continue to Instagram to start using the app.
Accessible Instagram - Login Page
Accessible Instagram - Home (with pictures' gallery)

Home Page

  • Stories – go to your feed’s stories. 
  • Menu – go to Instagram menu.
  • Post Options – go to the post options page.
  • Like – like (or unlike) the selected post.
  • Up and Down – select the post above or below the selected post. If no post is selected – select the first post.
  • Browse Comment – browse the selected post comments.
  • Comment – write a comment, send an emoji.. to the selected post.
  • IGTV – appears only if the selected post includes an Instagram TV (IGTV) object. Clicking it will take you to the IGTV control page.
  • Play/Pause – appears only if the selected post includes a video. Clicking it will play or pause the video.
  • Gallery (with left and right arrows) – appears only if the selected post includes a pictures’ gallery. Click to browse the gallery.


  • New Post – upload a picture from your device to create a new post.
  • Feed – go to the beginning of your feed.
  • Notifications – go to your notifications. You will be able to open notifications and follow or unfollow the sender.
  • Explore – explore people to follow, based on Instagram’s recommendations.
  • My Profile – open your Instagram profile page.
  • Search – search for people to follow.
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Instagram, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages, zoom in or zoom out…
  • Options – change the computer volume, toggle text enlargement, toggle Auto-Read of posts, log in and log out, access additional advanced Instagram options.
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page)– exit Accessible Instagram.
Accessible Instagram - Menu
Accessible Instagram - Explore


Explore posts, recommended to you by Instagram.

  • Use the Up and Down arrows to go up or down, page by page.
  • Click Select to select a post from a page. All the post can be accessed by eye gaze after clicking Select.
  •  After selecting a post, you will be able to enlarge the content, start following the author, like it etc.

Post Options


  • Go to Location – works only if the location of the current post is specified. Presents other posts from the same location.
  • Post Author – Presents other posts from the same author.
  • View Hashtags – works only if Hashtags were included in the current post. Presents a table with the included hashtags, and allows you to select one.
  • Save – save the post to your Saved posts.
  • Follow/Unfollow – start following, or stop following the current author.
  • Read Post – read the current post aloud.
Accessible Instagram - Post Options
Accessible Instagram - Select Story


Explore stories from your feed.

  • Use the Previous Profile or Next Profile arrows to go left or right between the authors you follow (that published stories).
  • Use the Scroll Left or Scroll Right arrows to go several authors left or right.
  • Click View Stories to view the stories of the selected author.

My Profile

  • Stories – Review your published stories.
  • Menu – go to Instagram Menu.
  • Up and Down arrows – browse the items on the page – up or down, page by page.
  • Select – makes all the items selectable using eye-gaze.
  • Posts – view posts you’ve published.
  • IGTV – view IGTV items you’ve published.
  • Saved – view posts you’ve saved.
  • Tagged – view posts where you were tagged.
Accessible Instagram - My Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by clicking the Down button. Only then all the buttons will become active.

These buttons appear only when there is a video to play, or a pictures gallery to browse.

Click Menu, then Explorer. Use the Up and Down buttons, to browse the pages. Once you found a post that you want to select, click Select. Now you can select the post, using your eyes. After the post comes up, click the Go to Post Page.

Yes, click Pause Dwell and continue browsing.

This button works only if the post author specified a location.

This button works only if you are on a specific post.

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