Accessible Google Translate for Communicator 5

About this Page Set

Accessible Google Translate allows you to translate messages into a target language supported by Google Translate.

Accessible Google Translate - Home


  • Type – go to your Communicator 5 keyboard, and type the message you want to translate.
  • Google Translate – go to Google Translate .
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page) – exit Accessible Google Translate.


  • Select Source Language – select the language of the message you wrote. The default is the auto-detected language.
  • Select Target Language – select the language you want you message to be translated to. 
  • Swap Languages – swap the source and target languages.
  • Read Translation – read the translation aloud. Reading aloud is done by Google Translate (not by Communicator 5) and will work only for languages where Google Translate supports reading aloud.
  • Finish – go back to Google Translate Home.
  • Up and Down arrows  – in cases where Google Translate offers more than one translation, use the arrows to browse the different options.
Accessible Google Translate - Translate Page
Accessible Google Translate - Select Language

Select Language

  • Use Back and More in the table to browse page by page. These buttons are always available for selection using your eyes.
  • When the language you want to select appears on the screen, use the Select button. This will make all the languages available for selection, and you will be able to select the one you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Translate does not support reading the translation for all languages.

The ability to translate the message you wrote to the desired language is built into all three messaging apps of Join-In. You do not need the Accessible Google Translate page-set to do it. 

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