Accessible Facebook Messenger for Communicator 5

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Facebook Messenger you need a Facebook account. If you have not logged in already with Accessible Facebook, make sure you have your Facebook login and password available.
  • Login – after selecting  Accessible Facebook Messenger from your Home Page, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Log In => Email or Phone => enter your Facebook account email or phone number => Password => enter your Facebook account password => Log In.
  • You are now logged in to your Facebook account. Select Continue to Messenger to start using the app.
Accessible Facebook Messenger login page
Accessible Facebook Messenger - Home Page

Home Page

  • Search – search for new contacts to start a chat.
  • Menu – go to Accessible Facebook Messenger menu.
  • Chat View – go to the selected chat.
  • Send Message – send a message / emoji / picture … to the selected contact.
  • Previous Contact and Next Contact – select one contact above or below the selected one. If no contact is selected, selects the first contact. The selected contact will be highlighted.
  • Browse Contacts – open your contacts table, to browse and select contacts.
  • Messages up and down – scroll several messages up or down, in the selected chat.
  • Read Contact – read the name of the selected contact aloud.
  • Call – initiate an audio or a video call with the selected contact.


  • Computer Volume – mute the computer volume, or change the volume level
  • Turn off Text Enlargement – toggle between enlarged and regular text size. The caption (on or off) changes in accordance with the current settings. You can control the percentage of change in text in the Additional Options
  • Turn On Auto-Read – toggle auto-read on or off. 
  • Utilities – recover / reopen Facebook Messenger, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages…
  • Additional Options – define the factor of change in text size
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page) – exit Accessible Facebook Messenger.
Accessible Facebook Messenger - Menu
Accessible Messenger - Chat View

Chat View

  • Last Message – go to the last message in the selected chat.
  • Click Message – click the selected message to open the content of the message – Web link, YouTube video, other video…
  • Previous Message and Next Message – select the message below or above the selected one.
  • Messages up and down – scroll several messages up or down.
  • Emotion – reply with an emotion to the selected message.
  • Reply – reply to the selected message.
  • Read Message – read the selected message aloud.
  • Delete Message  – delete the selected message (only if Messenger allows).

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the Browse Contacts button. It opens a table with your contacts on the browser area. If you have more than one page of contacts, the More button will appear on the table. You can move between the pages, by clicking this button (which is eye-gaze enabled). Once you are ready to select a specific contact, click the Select button and select a contact using eye-gaze. Then click Exit to go back to Facebook Messenger home page, to send and review messages to/from this contact.

Use the Next Contact and Previous Contact buttons to navigate between your contacts. Once a contact is highlighted you can use the Messages buttons (up and down), to go over this contact messages and read them.

Use the Next Contact and Previous Contact buttons (or Browse Contacts) to navigate to the contact that you are interested in. Once the contact is highlighted, click Chat View, and use the Previous Message and Next Message buttons to get to the message you want to select. You can also use the Messages buttons (with arrows up and down) to navigate through messages faster.

This button allows you to add an emoji (“Emotion”) to the highlighted message. Your contact will see this emoji on his side.

Yes. When the contact you want to call is highlighted, click Call and select one of the options – Audio Call or Video Call.

Yes. When you get a call, click Call and select one of the options – Answer Call or Reject Call.

Yes. While on a call, click Chat. This will allow you to send messages to your contact, while on the call. Your partner will have to open the chat as well, to see your messages.

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