Accessible Audible for Communicator 5

Getting Started

  • Requirements – to use Accessible Audible you need to have an Audible account. Make sure to have your login and password available.
  • Login – After selecting  Accessible Audible from your Home Page, follow the sequence  – Login and Info => Sign In => Email or Phone => enter your Audible (Amazon) account email or phone number =>  Password => enter your Audible (Amazon) account password => Sign In.
  • You are now logged in to your Audible account. Select Continue to Audible to start using the app.
Accessible Audible - Login
Accessible Audible - Library


  • Title Options – allows you to mark an item as finished, rate it and write a review.
  • Menu – go to the Accessible Audible Menu.
  • Up and Down arrows- go down or up an item in the current page of your library.
  • Details – open and show the details of the selected item. If this selected item is a book, it will allow you to review the book details and to play it. If it is a journal, it will allow you to browse episodes and select one to play.
  • Play – play the selected item and go to the Audible Play page.
  • Previous Page and Next Page – go to the next or previous page in your library.
  • Read Title and Details  – read aloud the title and description of the selected item.
  • Read Title – read aloud the title of the selected item.
  • Stop Reading – stop reading aloud.

Play Page

  • Sign In – After you select a title to listen to, Audible may require that you sign-in again. Use this button to sign in to your Audible account. 
  • Exit – go back to your home page (library).
  • Computer Volume – increase or decrease the computer volume.
  • Chapters – go to the list of chapters and select one to play. 
  • Play / Pause – play or pause the current item.
  • Rewind 30 sces  – jump 30 seconds backward.
  • Forward 30 Secs – jump 30 seconds forward.
  • Previous and Next Chapter – move to the previous or next chapters.
  • Narration Speed – change the narration speed.
Accessible Audible - Play Page
Accessible Audible - Menu

Menu Page

  • Clear Search – clear the search results, and go back to your library. 
  • Search – search for an item in your library. 
  • Sort by – sort items in your library by title, author, length or date added to your library.
  • Filter by Finished – select if you want to filter your items by  All/Finished/Unfinished.
  • Utilities – recover/reopen Audible, close windows you do not need, close pop-up messages, zoom in or zoom out, etc.
  • Options – change the computer volume level, toggle text enlargement on or off, toggle auto-read on or off, Sign Out or Sign In to your Audible account, go to additional options (text enlargement ratio).
  • Exit (Communicator Home Page) – Exit Accessible Audible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible Audible requires you to be logged in to your Audible account, as Audible requires that. You can log in by clicking Login and Info on the first page (below the Audible button).

This is some additional security measure that Audible takes, and is not in our control. Simply use the Sign In button to sign in again.

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